Create a DBaaS OpenSearch service

POST /dbaas-opensearch/{name}

Create a DBaaS OpenSearch service

Path parameters

  • name string Required

    Service name

    Minimum length is 0, maximum length is 63.

Body Required

  • max-index-count integer(int64)

    Maximum number of indexes to keep before deleting the oldest one

    Minimum value is 0.

  • Aiven automation resets index.refresh_interval to default value for every index to be sure that indices are always visible to search. If it doesn't fit your case, you can disable this by setting up this flag to true.

  • ip-filter array[string]

    Allow incoming connections from CIDR address block, e.g. ''

  • Service is protected against termination and powering off

  • Service name

    Minimum length is 0, maximum length is 63.

  • index-patterns array[object]

    Allows you to create glob style patterns and set a max number of indexes matching this pattern you want to keep. Creating indexes exceeding this value will cause the oldest one to get deleted. You could for example create a pattern looking like 'logs.?' and then create index logs.1, logs.2 etc, it will delete logs.1 once you create logs.6. Do note 'logs.?' does not apply to logs.10. Note: Setting max_index_count to 0 will do nothing and the pattern gets ignored.

    • max-index-count integer(int64)

      Maximum number of indexes to keep

      Minimum value is 0.

    • Deletion sorting algorithm

      Values are alphabetical or creation_date.

    • pattern string

      fnmatch pattern

      Maximum length is 1024.

  • Automatic maintenance settings

    • dow string Required

      Day of week for installing updates

      Values are saturday, tuesday, never, wednesday, sunday, friday, monday, or thursday.

    • time string Required

      Time for installing updates, UTC

      Minimum length is 8, maximum length is 8.

  • Template settings for all new indexes

    • The maximum number of nested JSON objects that a single document can contain across all nested types. This limit helps to prevent out of memory errors when a document contains too many nested objects. Default is 10000.

      Minimum value is 0, maximum value is 100000.

    • number-of-replicas integer(int64)

      The number of replicas each primary shard has.

      Minimum value is 0, maximum value is 29.

    • number-of-shards integer(int64)

      The number of primary shards that an index should have.

      Minimum value is 1, maximum value is 1024.

  • OpenSearch-specific settings

  • version string

    OpenSearch major version

    Minimum length is 1.

  • Name of a backup to recover from for services that support backup names

    Minimum length is 1.

  • plan string Required

    Subscription plan

    Minimum length is 1, maximum length is 128.

  • OpenSearch Dashboards settings

    • Timeout in milliseconds for requests made by OpenSearch Dashboards towards OpenSearch (default: 30000)

      Minimum value is 5000, maximum value is 120000.

    • enabled boolean

      Enable or disable OpenSearch Dashboards (default: true)

    • max-old-space-size integer(int64)

      Limits the maximum amount of memory (in MiB) the OpenSearch Dashboards process can use. This sets the max_old_space_size option of the nodejs running the OpenSearch Dashboards. Note: the memory reserved by OpenSearch Dashboards is not available for OpenSearch. (default: 128)

      Minimum value is 64, maximum value is 1024.


  • 200 object


    • id string(uuid)

      Operation ID

    • reason string

      Operation failure reason

      Values are incorrect, unknown, unavailable, forbidden, busy, fault, partial, not-found, interrupted, unsupported, or conflict.

    • Related resource reference

      • id string(uuid)

        Reference ID

      • command string

        Command name

    • message string

      Operation message

    • state string

      Operation status

      Values are failure, pending, success, or timeout.

POST /dbaas-opensearch/{name}
curl \
 -X POST{name} \
 -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
 -d '{"max-index-count":42,"keep-index-refresh-interval":true,"ip-filter":["string"],"termination-protection":true,"fork-from-service":"string","index-patterns":[{"max-index-count":42,"sorting-algorithm":"alphabetical","pattern":"string"}],"maintenance":{"dow":"saturday","time":"string"},"index-template":{"mapping-nested-objects-limit":42,"number-of-replicas":42,"number-of-shards":42},"opensearch-settings":{},"version":"string","recovery-backup-name":"string","plan":"string","opensearch-dashboards":{"opensearch-request-timeout":42,"enabled":true,"max-old-space-size":42}}'
Request example
  "max-index-count": 42,
  "keep-index-refresh-interval": true,
  "ip-filter": [
  "termination-protection": true,
  "fork-from-service": "string",
  "index-patterns": [
      "max-index-count": 42,
      "sorting-algorithm": "alphabetical",
      "pattern": "string"
  "maintenance": {
    "dow": "saturday",
    "time": "string"
  "index-template": {
    "mapping-nested-objects-limit": 42,
    "number-of-replicas": 42,
    "number-of-shards": 42
  "opensearch-settings": {},
  "version": "string",
  "recovery-backup-name": "string",
  "plan": "string",
  "opensearch-dashboards": {
    "opensearch-request-timeout": 42,
    "enabled": true,
    "max-old-space-size": 42
Response example (200)
  "id": "string",
  "reason": "incorrect",
  "reference": {
    "id": "string",
    "link": "string",
    "command": "string"
  "message": "string",
  "state": "failure"