Get a DBaaS Redis service

GET /dbaas-redis/{name}

Get a DBaaS Redis service


  • 200 object


    • updated-at string(date-time)

      Service last update timestamp (ISO 8601)

    • node-count integer(int64)

      Number of service nodes in the active plan

      Minimum value is 0.

    • Redis connection information properties

    • node-cpu-count integer(int64)

      Number of CPUs for each node

      Minimum value is 0.

    • integrations array[object]

      Service integrations

    • zone string

      The zone where the service is running

    • node-states array[object]

      Automatic maintenance settings

      • name string Required

        Name of the service node

      • progress-updates array[object]

        Extra information regarding the progress for current state

        • completed boolean Required

          Indicates whether this phase has been completed or not

        • current integer(int64)

          Current progress for this phase. May be missing or null.

          Minimum value is 0.

        • max integer(int64)

          Maximum progress value for this phase. May be missing or null. May change.

          Minimum value is 0.

        • min integer(int64)

          Minimum progress value for this phase. May be missing or null.

          Minimum value is 0.

        • phase string Required

          Key identifying this phase

          Values are stream, basebackup, prepare, or finalize.

        • unit string

          Unit for current/min/max values. New units may be added.
          If null should be treated as generic unit

      • role string

        Role of this node. Only returned for a subset of service types

        Values are standby, master, or read-replica.

      • state string Required

        Current state of the service node

        Values are leaving, running, syncing_data, setting_up_vm, or unknown.

    • name string Required

      Service name

      Minimum length is 0, maximum length is 63.

    • Redis-specific settings

    • type string Required

      DbaaS service name

      Minimum length is 0, maximum length is 64.

    • state string

      State of the service

      Values are running, rebuilding, rebalancing, or poweroff.

    • ip-filter array[string]

      Allowed CIDR address blocks for incoming connections

    • backups array[object]

      List of backups for the service

      • backup-name string Required

        Internal name of this backup

      • backup-time string(date-time) Required

        Backup timestamp (ISO 8601)

      • data-size integer(int64) Required

        Backup's original size before compression

        Minimum value is 0.

    • Service is protected against termination and powering off

    • notifications array[object]

      Service notifications

      • level string Required

        Notification level

        Values are warning or notice.

      • message string Required

        Human notification message

        Minimum length is 1, maximum length is 1024.

      • type string Required

        Notification type

        Values are service_powered_off_removal or service_end_of_life.

      • metadata object Required

        Notification type

    • components array[object]

      Service component information objects

      • component string Required

        Service component name

      • host string Required

        DNS name for connecting to the service component

      • port integer(int64) Required

        Port number for connecting to the service component

        Minimum value is 0, maximum value is 65535.

      • route string Required

        Network access route

        Values are dynamic, private, public, or privatelink.

      • ssl boolean

        Whether the endpoint is encrypted or accepts plaintext.
        By default endpoints are always encrypted and
        this property is only included for service components that may disable encryption.

      • usage string Required

        DNS usage name

        Values are primary or replica.

    • Automatic maintenance settings

      • dow string Required

        Day of week for installing updates

        Values are saturday, tuesday, never, wednesday, sunday, friday, monday, or thursday.

      • time string Required

        Time for installing updates, UTC

        Minimum length is 8, maximum length is 8.

      • updates array[object] Required

        Update waiting to be installed

        • Description of the update

        • deadline string(date-time)

          Deadline for installing the update

        • start-after string(date-time)

          The earliest time the update will be automatically applied

        • start-at string(date-time)

          The time when the update will be automatically applied

    • disk-size integer(int64)

      TODO UNIT disk space for data storage

      Minimum value is 0.

    • node-memory integer(int64)

      TODO UNIT of memory for each node

      Minimum value is 0.

    • uri string

      URI for connecting to the service (may be absent)

    • service_uri parameterized into key-value pairs

    • version string

      Redis version

    • created-at string(date-time)

      Service creation timestamp (ISO 8601)

    • plan string Required

      Subscription plan

    • users array[object]

      List of service users

GET /dbaas-redis/{name}
curl \
 -X GET{name}
Response example (200)
  "updated-at": "2023-05-04T09:42:00+00:00",
  "node-count": 42,
  "connection-info": {
    "uri": [
    "password": "string",
    "slave": [
  "node-cpu-count": 42,
  "integrations": [
      "description": "string",
      "settings": {},
      "type": "string",
      "is-enabled": true,
      "source": "string",
      "is-active": true,
      "status": "string",
      "id": "string",
      "dest": "string"
  "zone": "string",
  "node-states": [
      "name": "string",
      "progress-updates": [
          "completed": true,
          "current": 42,
          "max": 42,
          "min": 42,
          "phase": "stream",
          "unit": "string"
      "role": "standby",
      "state": "leaving"
  "name": "string",
  "redis-settings": {},
  "type": "string",
  "state": "running",
  "ip-filter": [
  "backups": [
      "backup-name": "string",
      "backup-time": "2023-05-04T09:42:00+00:00",
      "data-size": 42
  "termination-protection": true,
  "notifications": [
      "level": "warning",
      "message": "string",
      "type": "service_powered_off_removal",
      "metadata": {}
  "components": [
      "component": "string",
      "host": "string",
      "port": 42,
      "route": "dynamic",
      "ssl": true,
      "usage": "primary"
  "maintenance": {
    "dow": "saturday",
    "time": "string",
    "updates": [
        "description": "string",
        "deadline": "2023-05-04T09:42:00+00:00",
        "start-after": "2023-05-04T09:42:00+00:00",
        "start-at": "2023-05-04T09:42:00+00:00"
  "disk-size": 42,
  "node-memory": 42,
  "uri": "string",
  "uri-params": {},
  "version": "string",
  "created-at": "2023-05-04T09:42:00+00:00",
  "plan": "string",
  "users": [
      "type": "string",
      "username": "string",
      "password": "string",
      "access-control": {
        "categories": [
        "channels": [
        "commands": [
        "keys": [