Get a DBaaS Redis service

GET /dbaas-redis/{name}

Get a DBaaS Redis service

Path parameters

  • name string Required

    Service name

    Minimum length is 0, maximum length is 63.


  • 200 application/json


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    • updated-at string(date-time)

      Service last update timestamp (ISO 8601)

    • node-count integer(int64)

      Number of service nodes in the active plan

      Minimum value is 0.

    • Redis connection information properties

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    • node-cpu-count integer(int64)

      Number of CPUs for each node

      Minimum value is 0.

    • integrations array[object]

      Service integrations

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    • zone string

      The zone where the service is running

    • node-states array[object]

      Automatic maintenance settings

      Hide node-states attributes Show node-states attributes object
      • name string Required

        Name of the service node

      • progress-updates array[object]

        Extra information regarding the progress for current state

        Hide progress-updates attributes Show progress-updates attributes object
        • completed boolean Required

          Indicates whether this phase has been completed or not

        • current integer(int64)

          Current progress for this phase. May be missing or null.

          Minimum value is 0.

        • max integer(int64)

          Maximum progress value for this phase. May be missing or null. May change.

          Minimum value is 0.

        • min integer(int64)

          Minimum progress value for this phase. May be missing or null.

          Minimum value is 0.

        • phase string Required

          Key identifying this phase

          Values are stream, basebackup, prepare, or finalize.

        • unit string

          Unit for current/min/max values. New units may be added. If null should be treated as generic unit

      • role string

        Role of this node. Only returned for a subset of service types

        Values are standby, master, or read-replica.

      • state string Required

        Current state of the service node

        Values are leaving, running, syncing_data, setting_up_vm, or unknown.

    • name string Required

      Service name

      Minimum length is 0, maximum length is 63.

    • Redis-specific settings

      Hide redis-settings attributes Show redis-settings attributes
      • ssl boolean

        Default value is true.

      • Minimum value is 0, maximum value is 100. Default value is 10.

      • maxmemory_policy string | null

        Values are noeviction, allkeys-lru, volatile-lru, allkeys-random, volatile-random, volatile-ttl, volatile-lfu, or allkeys-lfu. Default value is noeviction.

      • io_threads integer

        Set Redis IO thread count. Changing this will cause a restart of the Redis service.

        Minimum value is 1, maximum value is 32.

      • Minimum value is 1, maximum value is 120. Default value is 1.

      • Set output buffer limit for pub / sub clients in MB. The value is the hard limit, the soft limit is 1/4 of the hard limit. When setting the limit, be mindful of the available memory in the selected service plan.

        Minimum value is 32, maximum value is 512.

      • Maximum length is 32. Format should match the following pattern: ^[KEg\$lshzxeA]*$. Default value is empty.

      • When persistence is 'rdb', Redis does RDB dumps each 10 minutes if any key is changed. Also RDB dumps are done according to backup schedule for backup purposes. When persistence is 'off', no RDB dumps and backups are done, so data can be lost at any moment if service is restarted for any reason, or if service is powered off. Also service can't be forked.

        Values are off or rdb.

      • timeout integer

        Minimum value is 0, maximum value is 31536000. Default value is 300.

      • Determines default pub/sub channels' ACL for new users if ACL is not supplied. When this option is not defined, all_channels is assumed to keep backward compatibility. This option doesn't affect Redis configuration acl-pubsub-default.

        Values are allchannels or resetchannels.

      • Set number of Redis databases. Changing this will cause a restart of the Redis service.

        Minimum value is 1, maximum value is 128.

    • type string Required

      DbaaS service name

      Minimum length is 0, maximum length is 64.

    • state string

      State of the service

      Values are running, rebuilding, rebalancing, or poweroff.

    • ip-filter array[string]

      Allowed CIDR address blocks for incoming connections

    • backups array[object]

      List of backups for the service

      Hide backups attributes Show backups attributes object
      • backup-name string Required

        Internal name of this backup

      • backup-time string(date-time) Required

        Backup timestamp (ISO 8601)

      • data-size integer(int64) Required

        Backup's original size before compression

        Minimum value is 0.

    • Service is protected against termination and powering off

    • notifications array[object]

      Service notifications

      Hide notifications attributes Show notifications attributes object
      • level string Required

        Notification level

        Values are warning or notice.

      • message string Required

        Human notification message

        Minimum length is 1, maximum length is 1024.

      • type string Required

        Notification type

        Values are service_powered_off_removal or service_end_of_life.

      • metadata object Required

        Notification type

    • components array[object]

      Service component information objects

      Hide components attributes Show components attributes object
      • component string Required

        Service component name

      • host string Required

        DNS name for connecting to the service component

      • port integer(int64) Required

        Port number for connecting to the service component

        Minimum value is 0, maximum value is 65535.

      • route string Required

        Network access route

        Values are dynamic, private, public, or privatelink.

      • ssl boolean

        Whether the endpoint is encrypted or accepts plaintext. By default endpoints are always encrypted and this property is only included for service components that may disable encryption.

      • usage string Required

        DNS usage name

        Values are primary or replica.

    • Automatic maintenance settings

      Hide maintenance attributes Show maintenance attributes
      • dow string Required

        Day of week for installing updates

        Values are saturday, tuesday, never, wednesday, sunday, friday, monday, or thursday.

      • time string Required

        Time for installing updates, UTC

        Minimum length is 8, maximum length is 8.

      • updates array[object] Required

        Update waiting to be installed

        Hide updates attributes Show updates attributes object
        • Description of the update

        • deadline string(date-time)

          Deadline for installing the update

        • start-after string(date-time)

          The earliest time the update will be automatically applied

        • start-at string(date-time)

          The time when the update will be automatically applied

    • disk-size integer(int64)

      TODO UNIT disk space for data storage

      Minimum value is 0.

    • node-memory integer(int64)

      TODO UNIT of memory for each node

      Minimum value is 0.

    • uri string

      URI for connecting to the service (may be absent)

    • service_uri parameterized into key-value pairs

    • version string

      Redis version

    • created-at string(date-time)

      Service creation timestamp (ISO 8601)

    • plan string Required

      Subscription plan

    • users array[object]

      List of service users

      Hide users attributes Show users attributes object
GET /dbaas-redis/{name}
curl \
 -X GET{name}
Response examples (200)
  "updated-at": "2024-05-04T09:42:00+00:00",
  "node-count": 42,
  "connection-info": {
    "uri": [
    "password": "string",
    "slave": [
  "node-cpu-count": 42,
  "integrations": [
      "description": "string",
      "settings": {},
      "type": "string",
      "is-enabled": true,
      "source": "string",
      "is-active": true,
      "status": "string",
      "id": "string",
      "dest": "string"
  "zone": "string",
  "node-states": [
      "name": "string",
      "progress-updates": [
          "completed": true,
          "current": 42,
          "max": 42,
          "min": 42,
          "phase": "stream",
          "unit": "string"
      "role": "standby",
      "state": "leaving"
  "name": "string",
  "redis-settings": {
    "ssl": true,
    "lfu_log_factor": 10,
    "maxmemory_policy": "noeviction",
    "io_threads": 1,
    "lfu_decay_time": 1,
    "pubsub_client_output_buffer_limit": 64,
    "notify_keyspace_events": "",
    "persistence": "off",
    "timeout": 300,
    "acl_channels_default": "allchannels",
    "number_of_databases": 16
  "type": "string",
  "state": "running",
  "ip-filter": [
  "backups": [
      "backup-name": "string",
      "backup-time": "2024-05-04T09:42:00+00:00",
      "data-size": 42
  "termination-protection": true,
  "notifications": [
      "level": "warning",
      "message": "string",
      "type": "service_powered_off_removal",
      "metadata": {}
  "components": [
      "component": "string",
      "host": "string",
      "port": 42,
      "route": "dynamic",
      "ssl": true,
      "usage": "primary"
  "maintenance": {
    "dow": "saturday",
    "time": "string",
    "updates": [
        "description": "string",
        "deadline": "2024-05-04T09:42:00+00:00",
        "start-after": "2024-05-04T09:42:00+00:00",
        "start-at": "2024-05-04T09:42:00+00:00"
  "disk-size": 42,
  "node-memory": 42,
  "uri": "string",
  "uri-params": {},
  "version": "string",
  "created-at": "2024-05-04T09:42:00+00:00",
  "plan": "string",
  "users": [
      "type": "string",
      "username": "string",
      "password": "string",
      "access-control": {
        "categories": [
        "channels": [
        "commands": [
        "keys": [